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What is PenisFill® +

PenisFill® is a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL penis enlargement procedure pioneered and developed by Dr Sef and Arf at Dermis Clinic using dermal filler. Instantaneously and dramatically we can safely increase the girth of your penis in both the erect and flaccid state with an increase in length (flaccid state) in as little as 10 minutes and back to work straight away.

Ultra-Safe & Effective +

PenisFill® is 100% pure hyaluronic gel. This gel is fully biocompatible with your penis. It is fully reversible at any stage. 

XXL Gains with Longevity +

Most men can expect to achieve up to a 50% increase from their baseline. With up to 50% of the result still present 2 years from treatment.

PenisFill® CDS Technique +

We combine our proprietary PenisFill® filler with our specially developed engineered injection techniques to deliver superior results (smooth and natural along the shaft).

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