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What Filler do we use?

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What filler do we use for PenisFill™

Throughout the years we have trialed over 20 different types of hyaluronic gel (HA) filler. We have selected the best, high quality and safe filler for our clients with the smoothest and long lasting results. All the evidence, results and evaluation we have learnt from these fillers have been translated into PenisFill™️ to give you the best possible results.

PenisFill™ filler has the stamp of the doctors’ dispensary. A pharmacist has signed the box assuring us of the filler’s authenticity and the filler can be tracked back to the manufacturer. Please ask Dr Sef before performing your treatment and be skeptical of any clinic not showing you any packaging.

Click here to see the different types of fillers we use and their characteristics.

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

25 Minutes

Sexual Activities

Advised two weeks abstinence

Pain Level

Pain Free local anaesthetic injection

Side Effects

Common side effects include bruising and swelling. This subsides in the first few days post procedure

Length of Results

12-18 Months


24/7 messaging and telephone review. follow up review appointments provided


We here at PenisFill™ understand the market and want to provide our customers with Penile thickening and Penis enhancement at an affordable cost, thus catering for the mass market. Gone are they days where you should be paying large amounts of money to have penis filler treatments.

Be skeptical of any clinic charging extortionate prices for penis fillers , as the filler does not cost a lot to order in (£100-£105 per a ml) and you should not be paying for any brokerage system or middleman set up. This is the reason we are the most competitively priced clinics in the UK as Dr Sef is the owner of PenisFillTM and is also the ONLY person who carries out all Penis filler enhancements, making our results so consistent and superior to other clinics.

Why should you have to pay for the middleman set up?

We are a doctor owned and doctor led company. Dr Sef who owns the company will be performing your treatment. Hence why are prices are very competitive and one of the lowest in the country. The most expensive filler does NOT mean the best for penis filler. 

Other Penile injection companies in the UK run with a brokerage/middleman set up.(The owners are NOT doctors).

 As a customer you have to pay for the middleman (brokerage) plus the doctors fee (who are employed by the brokerage).

History of Hyaluronic Gel (HA) Filler

15-20 years ago, Juvederm was one of the first companies to produce HA filler. It had the monopoly on the industry. Doctors and customers were obsessed with the brand and make of the filler used.

Over recent years there has been a plethora of reputable pharmaceuticals companies in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria producing high grade quality HA filler which have all obtained CE approval in the UK.

All experienced cosmetic doctors (like Dr Sef at PenisFillTM ) will tell you that the doctor holding the syringe, the injection technique and the sculpting ability determine the result. An experienced cosmetic doctor using a “cheaper” filler will produce a far more superior result than an amateur doctor using Juvederm. 

Where do you order it from?

HealthXchange and Church Pharmacy. The two largest UK filler pharmacies. 

Stock is kept in temperature controlled rooms. 

Filler is ordered fresh from the filler companies.

There are other websites where filler can be ordered from. The problem here is, the paper trail is incomplete. That filler is sitting in stockpiles for months in temperatures as high as 40 degrees. This will completely denature the products and affect their durability. Only licensed doctors registered with the GMC can order from HealthXchange and Church Pharmacy ensuring you are receiving the most premium products.

What filler do I choose then?

The filler choice will be discussed with you and decided with you at consultation with Dr Sef – Click here to see the different types of fillers we use and their characteristics. >  Organise a free consultation today.

Why choose hyaluronic gel filler to increase the size of your penis?

  • It is SAFE and PAIN FREE.
  • Gives SMOOTH, NATURAL results which MIMIC the penile tissues.
  • Takes 30 minutes.
  • Substantial gain in size (extra 1-2 inches) considering the zero downtime and cost.
  • Many of our clients come in on their lunch breaks and return to work immediately after.
  • Gives predictable, reliable outcomes.
  • Can be added to the penis each year to grow and adapt with you.
  • After a few sessions, provides you long term results (over 18 months).
  • Has been used in the face safely and effectively for over 3 decades.

Penis Creams, Oils and Pills

To put simply, they DO NOT work. To increase the size of your penis, the anatomy of your penis must change. Something needs to be added I.E filler to increase the thickness and some length or surgery to increase the length.

Some of the topical creams, oils and pills are completely unregulated and not FDA approved, you and I will have no idea what is in them. Most of the time it is just natural solidified sugars, however has the potential to be far more dangerous than that.
The bottom line is, if there was a magic pill that could increase the size of the penis by 1-2 inches and worked then you and I would have heard of it but there isn’t.

If there was a pill that could increase ladies lips size, than lip fillers wouldn’t exist, but there isn’t. The same principle can be applied to penis enlargement claims.

Surgical Options

In the UK the most commonly performed surgical procedure is penis lengthening surgery (penoplasty/ligamentolysis). This involves severing the ligaments which connect the penis to the pubic bone. This allows the penis to be released to its full erect state when flaccid.


2-3 weeks downtime and off work.
DOES NOT increase the length of penis when ERECT.
DOES NOT increase girth of penis (several well designed studies have demonstrated that partners prefer girth over length).
Significant cost.

Penis Surgery vs PenisFill™

SURGERY PenisFill™
Flaccid ONLY Flaccid
NONE SIGNIFICANT (30-50%) increase in girth from baseline
COST Expensive (UK prices £6-12K) Starts from £1K
DOWNTIME 2-3 weeks off work Back to work same hour as treatment
HIGH (given the permanent nature of surgery) LOW (given that filler can be dissolved and simple infections treated with oral antibiotics)

I would like to increase the size of my penis. What should I do next?

If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, we advise that you book in a consultation with Dr Sef at PenisFill™.

During the consultation, he will examine you and explain all the possible treatment options in detail, discuss the size you wish to achieve and answer any questions you may have.

The procedure takes as little as 20 minutes and you can return back to normal activities straight away.

The results are instant. You will walk out of our clinic with an instantly larger penis.

Why Choose PenisFill™

We provide a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL penis enlargement procedure pioneered & developed by Dr Sef at Dermis Clinic using dermal filler.

All PenisFill™ treatments are carried out at Dermis Clinic branches. Dermis Clinic is Dr Sef’s private medical practise.


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    Why Choose PenisFill™

    We provide a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL penis enlargement procedure pioneered & developed by Dr Sef at Dermis Clinic using dermal filler.

    All PenisFill™ treatments are carried out at Dermis Clinic branches. Dermis Clinic is Dr Sef’s private medical practise.


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    Just wanna say a big thank you to all of you and dr sef. Always looked after 😊 appreciated

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    Hi Arf. Hope you're well. All seems to be looking good in terms of size and symmetry! Please thank Dr Sef for his help

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    Hi Arf. I thought I would send a fully healed before and after. Thanks again to the team and Dr Sef. - Click on before & after gallery to see results!

    Real Review from a Real Client

    Mate honestly it's life changing in a way I didn't even think about... It changes everything .. It's odd.. I don't chase anymore? It's like I just attract... you have put the law of sexual attraction inside my cock..! 😂

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    Hi Arf
    I just wanted to say what a fantastic service I had at the clinic today.. Dr Sef's skill and professionalism is on another level to what I have experienced in the past... coupled with a great manner and personality it was a pleasure to be treated by him. I will be back for future top ups 100% 🤗

    Real Review from a Real Client

    Hi Arf. Just to let you know that I've had my first round. I though Sef was very professional and answered all my questions with integrity. Very happy with your service too. Thanks so much 👍

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    Hi there,
    My appointment went well Dr Sef was great , great guy You guys have definitely got a customer for life now so thanks all.

    Real Review from a Real Client

    Morning guy, I just wanted to say a big thank you. I was never particularly self-conscious about myself, but Ohh my God ... the difference in me now is unbelievable... it's giving me a confidence I didn't even know I was missing?!

    It's like I'm a new man, talking to woman and it becoming sexual is on a new level. I've never struggled to get women or ever had negative feedback about myself but also I have never had a girl see me and say ... whoooooah.. 😂 You guys are my new heroes 🦸🦸