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Do NOT use Ellansé Filler!

September 15, 2020
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September 15, 2020 penisfill


The prevalence of hard lumpy nodules is high which are made of collagen and cannot be reversed. If you do not like the result, there is nothing that can be done to completely reverse it and so therefore you are stuck for many years with an undesirable outcome.

What is worrying is for 1-2 years after Ellanse®️ injections, results will be stable but then patients may start to develop delayed onset granuloma type reactions which are extremely difficult to manage. Unlike hyaluronic gel filler, this can be reversed with a simple dissolving injection of hylase.


Some of our competitors are heavily pushing Ellanse®️ over hyaluronic gel filler. Thinking profit over patient safety.

Our question to you is why are there very limited before and after results of Ellanse®️ in the penis? If the results were that good, surely many doctors would be showing off the results achieved.


It is injected as a fluid with loose microsphere particles and the penile tissue planes are also loose. Therefore, despite the best techniques, the doctor cannot truly control where his injection will be placed (despite them telling you they can). The Ellanse®️ can spread unevenly along the shaft, causing sporadic growth of collagen. It can end up deep in the root of the penis and testicular lining. Thus Causing unwanted growths and discomfort. Hyaluronic gel filler, is a thick gel like structure, which is viscous and sticky, it very rarely migrates. With our CDS technique we produce reproducible and consistent results (please view our weekly updated real before and afters). The chances of Ellanse®️ being 100% perfect with no asymmetry and uniform distribution from the 1st session are very slim. So repeated sessions will be needed at further costs to you. Therefore does not become more economical as other competitors have highlighted.


If Ellanse®️ settles in the foreskin (despite the best techniques) doctors cannot control how the water like fluid Ellanse®️ moves in the tissues and you will get a very thick, hard rubbery foreskin which cannot be reversed. You will have to live with what looks like an unsightly growth on the foreskin for 2-4years +. Even worse this may lead to serious medical conditions which require urgent surgical intervention.

If this happens with hyaluronic gel filler, with one simple dissolving injection (spot dissolving), in 5 minutes your foreskin will return back to normal.


If you are unhappy with the aesthetic outcome of Ellanse®️ eg. lumps, bumps and uneven distribution. Adding more Ellanse®️ can make matters worse. As the micro spheres will stick to where the lumps and bumps are. They will grow and make those nodules even bigger at the 3 month stage. This CANNOT be fully reversed.

Sinclair Pharma (the manufacturers of Ellanse®️) as a company do not recommend using other fillers such as hyaluronic gel filler if Ellanse®️ is in that area. There may be some unwanted cross reactions between the two dermal fillers.

Hyaluronic gel is not recommended to correct the lumps and bumps caused by Ellanse®️. Most importantly the Manufacturers DO NOT recommend Ellanse®️ for Penile enhancements as a whole.


We are seeing a weekly rise in Ellanse®️ complications/poor results from other UK clinics providing this procedure. The majority of the complications are very hard marble shaped nodules scattered throughout the shaft of the penis, with sporadic flaring and discomfort. These have been treated by Dr Sef with steroid injections. After the injection it has improved but the nodules are still present.


Patient safety has always and will continue to be our number one priority. On the surface, Ellanse®️ in principal may seem more attractive for you and a more profitable treatment for us, however we still need to consider its safety profile.

A dermal filler which is non-reversible, isn’t even permanent ( like breast implants), unpredictable, cannot be controlled during injection ( it can go everywhere in any penile tissue compartment) is a high risk procedure.

Currently there haven’t been enough robust clinical studies of its use in the penis to validate its safety and efficacy in the penis.

At the time of writing this, we will not be offering Ellanse®️. Hyaluronic gel fillers still to this day remain the safest and most effective way to increase the size of the penis.

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We provide a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL penis enlargement procedure pioneered & developed by Dr Sef at Dermis Clinic using dermal filler.

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Why Choose PenisFill®

We provide a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL penis enlargement procedure pioneered & developed by Dr Sef at Dermis Clinic using dermal filler.

All PenisFill® treatments are carried out at Dermis Clinic branches. Dermis Clinic is Dr Sef’s private medical practise.


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